WhatsApp adds this new feature you have been waiting for


As of now, one could send media files, .vcf contacts, PDF files and also location details. In new update whatsapp have also removed image compression, keeping the original quality intact. Whatsapp has now joined the game a little late.

So does this update elevate WhatsApp into the peer-to-peer file-sharing leagues, whereby it can be used by creatives to share 4K videos with colleagues?

Instant messaging app WhatsApp has upgraded its file sharing feature letting users share any type of document attachments.

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From the documents page, you can select and send any file that you like, given that it stays within the file sharing limit size.

Additionally, you'll be able to see all of your pictures and videos in the in-app camera by swiping up and if you're sending lots of photos at once, they'll now be grouped into a gallery that only displays five images with the last thumbnail displaying how many additional photos have been sent. However, with this update, you can send any kind of file including Android installer files (APK), MP3 and even file extensions that are unique to a third party software. This feature is available from the version number 2.17.261 for Android. Only recently WhatsApp started supporting photo filters and albums on iOS, Instagram stories inspired statuses and off course the video call feature.

In short, WhatsApp doesn't want to become a de facto platform file-sharing platform, but it wants to make it easier for users to share stuff with each other.