Russia Findings Raise Hopes for US Sanctions Bill


A senior GOP leadership aide said that there has been a White House effort to "educate" Hill Republicans on their concerns with the bill. Hoyer told reporters Wednesday that he had been on the phone with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee's top Democrat, Maryland Sen.

Have House Republicans chose to act on the overwhelmingly bipartisan Senate bill - or are they just getting pushed into it by House Democrats at a very tricky political moment?

In an attempt to call out what Democrats believe are GOP stalling tactics, House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer said his party would introduce the original Senate-passed Russian Federation sanctions legislation later Wednesday, essentially daring the majority to act.

One reason for the delays, Harkins said, is that "Trump is trying to confirm people who are not a bipartisan choice". Given the political baggage around Russian Federation policy, it seems very unlikely that Trump could ease sanctions anyway without doing even more damage to his credibility and that of the GOP.

House and Senate Democrats also pointed fingers at one another on Tuesday over their failure to stop the GOP from making the change that limited Democratic power in the bill.

"It's no surprise that the White House has voiced its opposition to this bill and tougher sanctions on Russian Federation", said Deutch.

The Russia bill, which passed the Senate 98-2, is getting held up in the House amid Republican concerns over its impact on USA oil and gas companies - as well as clashes over a change that would limit House Democrats' power to force a vote blocking President Donald Trump from easing sanctions.

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However, there was no sign of support from Trump's fellow Republicans, who control majorities in both the House and the Senate and control what legislation comes up for a vote. GOP leaders have yet to signal they are receptive to that White House lobbying, but Democrats have always been concerned that Republicans are open to declawing the bill in the House before any vote to send it to Trump's desk.

Not all House Democrats are convinced this is a fight worth having as they push for a quick vote on the bill, arguing that House Republicans could always use procedural measures to avoid tough votes on Russian Federation sanctions in the future regardless of the language in the bill.

While the 52 Republicans represent the majority in the Senate, Democrats have been able to use "time-consuming parliamentary procedures", to slow-walk the process, the White House charged. "That's just the way life is", said senator Bob Corker, the Republican chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

There's also another issue lingering over the bill in the House that could lead to changes to the measure.

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Edward Royce, R-Calif., is in favor of holding a floor vote soon.

White House Legislative Affairs Director Marc Short told reporters Monday that the Trump administration is "fully supportive" of the sanctions levied in the bill but continued to have issues with the restrictions it would place on the executive branch.

"This is more about foreign policy and having the flexibility to negotiate with other countries", White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told a daily briefing.