Republican to CNN: 'White House is Paralyzed'


"It's actually kind of unnerving to be in a White House when it's being investigated by special counsel". It's "business as usual", an official said after it was reported that Kushner and Kislyak had talked about using secure Russian diplomatic facilities to set up a secret communication channel between Trump's transition team and the Kremlin.

"These are people who have never been in government", Matt Schlapp, a conservative close to the White House told Politico.

But in the wake of Donald Trump Jr.'s admission to taking and sitting in on a meeting built around gaining significant political opposition research on Democrat Hillary Clinton a year ago from the Russian government, one Republican lawmaker is suggesting the president remove his family from political matters.

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While Trump Jr. has come under fire for eagerly accepting the meeting-a fateful decision that is alternatively being described as collusion or mere stupidity-the president's son no longer works for his father. "Given the high-level nature of this meeting, the fact that the campaign thought it was important enough to send the campaign manager (Paul Manafort), the son of the president and the son-in-law, it's hard to believe that none of them remembered it". Kushner, on the other hand, is now in the White House. Most Republicans are claiming only that the meeting shouldn't have happened and that the FBI's investigation into the Trump campaign's alleged ties should continue. On Wednesday, McClatchy D.C. According to McClatchy, one source said that investigators wonder whether Russian Federation would have "known where to specifically target" without assistance from another party. "It's a meeting that should not have taken place", Flores said of Trump Jr. "Whether they could know how to target states and levels of voters that the Democrats weren't even aware really raises some questions".

Kushner has previously attracted criticism for disappearing at some of his father-in-law's most challenging moments, such as taking a skiing holiday when the administration's initial health care proposal collapsed in March.

Republican Party officials are trying to decide who will pay for the outside attorneys hired to represent President Donald Trump and members of his administration in the Russian Federation investigation, The Washington Post reported Thursday night. "There's no coordination, this was a hoax, this was made up by the Democrats".