Nintendo ends production of New Nintendo 3DS in Japan


Writing in his review, Richard Easton described the New 2DS XL as "the best-value Nintendo 3DS family console to buy for everyone but the most ardent 3D fans".

Nintendo has ended production on the smaller New 3DS model in Japan.

The New 3DS has ceased production according to this page when translated.

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They also had a suggestion of some of the great classics of Nintendo which would benefit after being ported to Nintendo Switch. Some believe that the larger 3DS LL is simply that much more popular than the smaller version, a trend that's absolutely truth in North America. The XL will still be sold, and it isn't explained if it'll meet the same fate in the west. Japanese players that want a system with a smaller form factor and screens are now stuck with the Nintendo 2DS, which doesn't feature stereoscopic 3D.

Back in May, Reggie Fils-Aime told Time that the 2DS XL is meant to exist "between" the New 3DS XL and the standard version of the 2DS. That's a good problem to have with so many SKUs for the 3DS, a system still wildly popular even after its most prolific years.

Australia was lucky enough to receive the New Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL just a month after its Japanese launch in October 2014, the rest of the world didn't get the console until January 2015.