New Nintendo 3DS production ends in Japan


Over on the official Nintendo Japan website, the magic of Google translate reveals that the New 3DS lineup is marked as "All production ended". That includes base models of the New Nintendo 3DS and its special editions, of which Japan had many. While Nintendo said that it would stand by the platform, the company only announced three new titles for the New 3DS at the E3 2017 gaming convention.

North America, on the other hand, sold 400,000 3DS units in the last fiscal year and the larger XL sold 1.39 million North American units in the same time period.

Conclusions regarding the New Nintendo 3DS ending production are varied. The New Nintendo 3DS LL has not had its production canceled overseas, or at least has not had its product page updated in the same way the standard New Nintendo 3DS has. Now let us all embrace our New 2DS XL overlords.

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Despite Nintendo releasing the New 2DS XL in Japan on the very same day, consumers still can't help but speculate about what this move means for the future of Nintendo's popular handheld line.

The 2DS XL is scheduled to launch in America on July 28.