National Football League finally close to Ezekiel Elliott domestic violence ban


Per reports of ESPN'S Adam Schefter, Dallas Cowboys running back sensation Ezekiel Elliot could be the recipient of a "short suspension" as he is the subject of an ongoing investigation from his 2016 domestic violence allegation.

"I think that there's a growing sense that he could face some sort of short suspension here in the coming weeks ... once the National Football League wraps up its investigation", Schefter said on SportsCenter Friday morning. And at some point here in the coming weeks, Zeke Elliott will respond to the NFL's report that is sent to him.

One would think that if Elliott were bracing for a potential suspension based on information he'd been given by the National Football League, the Cowboys would also be aware of the situation.

But lowering his social profile will not guarantee that Elliott is shielded from punishment. "This thing has been dragged out".

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Several witnesses however would come out later to deny any assault by Elliott to her and numerous reports would end up conflicting with the victim's story and charges would end up being dropped due to "conflicting and inconsistent information" according to reports by's Jean-Jacques Taylor.

Mike Fisher, a Cowboys insider with 105.3 The Fan, also reported on Twitter that a Cowboys source was unaware of any upcoming suspension. She was identified as his girlfriend. Prosecutors in Columbus, Ohio did not bring any charges against Elliott in the matter. "This is primarily due to conflicting and inconsistent information across all incidents resulting in concern regarding the sufficiency of evidence to support the filing of criminal charges".

The Cowboys star running back has a motley of off the field concerns following the assault accusations, including an incident at a St. Patricks Day parade where he groped and exposed a woman.