Miley's toned down look is result of being 'sexualized,' she says


As reflected in her July 13 cover feature for Harper's Bazaar, Miley Cyrus has finally found a sense of personal contentment and peace, and surrendered the youthful quest to be "cool".

Cyrus is careful to say that her current look, characterized by minimal makeup and the flowy florals and soft sweaters she wears in the Harper's Bazaar spread, isn't any more the "real Miley" than her 2013 MTV VMA outfit was. What do think about her new style? But she's decided that isn't for her anymore, and she'd rather spread her messages another way.

Cyrus believes it's a good thing to keep changing and is disheartened to hear fans ask for the "old Miley back", when she's "right here". I'm not saying I've never been myself.

Miley Cyrus admits that at one point, it was expected for her to show up to an event topless and to stick out her tongue, and she just doesn't feel like that's who she is anymore.

Cyrus said that she hopes fans will accept her being her authentic self without reminding her of her past, which is something she has already put behind her.

In a recent interview, Miley shared that she didn't regret her brief split from Liam. And she considers herself to be a role model for young people in the way that she isn't afraid to talk about her identity and sexuality. It's just more representative of who she is now. "In the beginning, it was kind of saying, 'F-k you".

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"Despite the claims about a discord in their romance, Miley and Liam have been looking more loved up than ever lately".

Cyrus also opened up about the backlash she faced after dancing provocatively with Thicke and wearing racy clothing. A person's mission on planet Earth, Miley insists, "is to take the time to paint it any way you want", even if that means scraping a layer off and starting over.

"People get told that it's a bad thing to change", she said. "Kylie is now Miley, '" Billy Ray says about the crew changing the character's name from "Kylie" to "Miley" to eliminate confusion.

The star ultimately wants to show people they can be themselves.

'To quote the wise Justin Bieber, 'Never say never.' But right now I want to be clear, ' she added.