I'm just going to ignore the insults


Gorka said Trump confronted Putin about Russian meddling before arguing "you have to move on" from concerns over a foreign government's interference in US democracy.

The president was particularly giddy about Gorka chiding CNN for its ratings slide, telling morning host Alisyn Camerota more people are interested in cartoons than CNN. Gorka asked. "In who's interest is that?"

Last week, going up against CNN dunce Chris Cuomo, Gorka called out Cuomo for not knowing what the biggest Muslim nation in the world was.

He then said he would assume that Cuomo knew nothing going forward and asked, "What is the largest Arab nation in the world?"

"I'm not getting any answers from you", Cooper stated.

This week on MSNBC, Gorka went up against host Stephanie Ruhle, a more than formidable opponent. Gorka responded that Trump already pressed Russian President Vladimir Putin on the issue at the G20 Summit and it is now time to move on "because people are dying in Syria, referencing the Syrian ceasefire". The Hillary Clinton campaign collects dirt on Bernie Sanders. He said the "felonious" national security leaks and the fact that Trump's administration crushed the home of the caliphate were real news stories.

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"We're winning", Gorka told Ruhle, adding that from the Southern border to North Atlantic Treaty Organisation to Warsaw to the economy, "we're crushing it".

This afternoon, a day after a very heated and confrontational interview with CNN anchor Anderson Cooper, Gorka returned to the network to tangle with anchor Jake Tapper on The Lead. "It is about actually having journalism back on TV". Where are the Walter Cronkites? This is just about ratings and money.

"You used that line on Monday, and it was sort of mildly amusing on Monday", Cooper said in the interview.

With members of this White House under federal and congressional investigation for potential collaboration with Russian Federation, the last thing that any White House adviser should be talking about is how great it would be if the U.S. could work more with Putin.

Gorka maintained that Trump Jr. had been transparent about the meeting since The New York Times first reported on it over the weekend.