'Game of Thrones': Sophie Turner shares secret relationship with Joe Jonas


"But I found my strength in her, and I think she found her strength in me". The dark truth soon begins to dawn. Everything that happens to her affects me.

While Turner must have been happy for her boyfriend's support, she sat next to Williams during the festivities (because Stark sisters have to stick together). Perhaps he tagged along in hopes of catching up with Emilia Clarke, aka Daenerys Targaryen?

With Sansa's evident growth in the series, many fans are nodding at the notion that she might just be the most qualified person to rule Westeros. "Winterfell is just ideal for her".

So what can we expect to see from Sansa this season?

It seems that, despite the early discomfort, Sophie has thoroughly enjoyed her time playing Sansa.

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Last season, we saw the long-suffering Sansa negotiate an alliance with Littlefinger and his Knights of the Vale in order to save Jon Sow's bacon at the Battle of the Bastards. Tyrion takes the blame from a rage filled Cersei but Sansa too is considered an accomplice, given her motivation after Ned's murder. This was the same theory used in the very beginning of the show when Littlefinger had Lysa poison Jon Arryn.

Covering her face, she opted for matching bright sunglasses as she exited the airport and got into a limo with her beau. "It's really interesting to see her like that, because the past few seasons, she's been so strong". Sansa was a stuck-up naïve girl who went through various hardships and husbands and used that experience to mold herself into something better and fierce. "He came through when she needed him at the Battle of the Bastards". Believing that Littlefinger wants to help her, Sansa refuses Brienne's help and presses on to the Bolton's - which she soon realises was a bad mistake. Only the emasculated, terrified, cowering Theon-filled with guilt for betraying her family-attempts to help her, as does a watching Brienne from forests outside Winterfell.

Cutting a relaxed figure, she slipped her slender legs into a pair of black skinny jeans, teaming them with white trainers.

Kit Harington (Jon Snow) is also aware of Sansa's new importance to the story.