Activision Blizzard Earns Kudos For 'Overwatch' E-Sports Moves


Nanzer said he could not comment on buy-in prices at this time. Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick also provided details as to what the League is about and what gamers can expect from it.

Traditional fantasy sports games have players drafting real players to fake teams.

Overwatch developer Activision Blizzard has launched Overwatch League, the first eSports competition with locally based professional Overwatch teams.

Although the teams are global, the league will hold all first-season matches at a Los Angeles-area esports arena to provide time for teams to develop their home venues.

"Overwatch" is a video game that features two opposing teams of six players fighting in a futuristic setting, competing for the most kills or to complete tasks like capturing the opposing team's flag. "We're excited to be working with leaders from eSports and traditional sports to celebrate our players and to establish the Overwatch League". Teams will share revenue generated by the latest entry in the booming trend of computer game play as spectator sport, according to Kotick. It's a model that apes the biggest sports in the world and really seems like a no-brainer.

Whilst you might expect the decision to try and franchise the Call of Duty scene would be met with resistance, when we polled 1,800 people via our Twitter account, we found the results were nearly even, with 51% voting in favor of no in comparison to the 49% that said yes.

"When you start seeing people wearing team hats and T-shirts around town, that will be very exciting".

Activision Blizzard Earns Kudos For 'Overwatch' E-Sports Moves
Activision Blizzard Earns Kudos For 'Overwatch' E-Sports Moves

"I see out advertisers looking for something different than we are giving them in the ballpark", Wilpon said.

"We have been exploring the esports market for a number of years and have been waiting for the right opportunity to enter", Kraft said in a statement.

"Overwatch" boasts 30 million players around the world.

"We did a lot of research into traditional sports, and how do traditional sports teams make money, and what we saw is that in traditional sports teams make money because they have a venue and host home games and sell tickets and merchandise and all that, and that's completely missing from e-sports", he explained to the Verge.

With the expected time frame for CoD franchising to take place 6 months after the launch of an already delayed Overwatch League, it's now hard to establish when it might happen or be announced. Thankfully, due to the nature of eSports, this won't affect how many people can watch the match.

"Overwatch" was designed for eSports experiences, building in features such as global settings and characters representing a wide range of demographics, according the chief executive.

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