80 percent of Windows phones just lost support


The company has been releasing Windows 10 Insider builds for the PC, Mobile devices, and even IoT devices for a few years now.

Windows phone sales continue to fall due to a lack of new hardware partners or enthusiasm for a platform showing little life, according to industry tracker IDC, which estimated market share at 0.1 percent in the first quarter of this year.

Nonetheless, Learn Bonds reported that the death of the operating system is an indication of the creation of the Windows PC in a pocket otherwise known as the #Surface Phone.

Rumor has it that Microsoft has branched out its Windows Mobile development into a "feature2" division that will only maintain the OS until 2018. It's not a notably powerful phone, and that is reflected in the fact that you can grab one on a 24-month contract through Optus with no additional handset repayments on any plan.

Microsoft Corp. has released the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview build to Windows Insiders in the Fast ring.

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And, since Windows Phone 8.1 has given way to the newer Windows 10 Mobile, there's not a lot of incentive for Microsoft to recant and resume supporting the operating system. As important, there is now a much-requested Activity Monitor so you can see where your updates are coming from: The cloud or from PCs on your home network or the Internet. The GPU name is now shown on the left side of the tab. You can also see the total GPU memory at the bottom of the Performance tab. Build 16241 details the new features and improvements we can expect from the Fall Creators Update.

The image, for Build 16232, is available for all Windows Insiders, and you can download it now.

All you need to do in order to test the Windows Server Insider Preview builds is register at the Windows Insider for Business website with your Microsoft Account or your Azure Active Directory credentials. And improved Microsoft Edge processes are labeled in Task Manager.

Linux in the Windows Store.

Delivery optimisation tech is used by Microsoft to download content from a Windows update and Windows Store and now they're giving the users the power to customise the amount of bandwidth that can be used by these downloads in the background. Post support stoppage, you're basically on your own in terms of security and other updates. Build 15230 fixes a VPN profile issue, a notification issue for fitness bands and Called ID matching problems for Japan and Denmark.