Trump in France: Macron greets United States president ahead of talks


For the embattled American president, the trips overseas - the visit to France will be his third abroad in two months - have been a surprising pleasure, a reprieve from days filled with cable news coverage of the Russian Federation investigation and swirling questions of whether his campaign aides worked in concert with the foreign power.

In London, Berlin, Brussels and Paris, European leaders are wondering how best to handle the unpredictable US President, whose nationalist "America First" agenda has upended assumptions about transatlantic relations.

Later on Thursday, Trump and Macron, along with their wives, will dine at the Michelin star restaurant Le Jules Verne, on the second floor of the Eiffel Tower.

Following a welcoming ceremony for Trump, the two presidents toured the nearby Les Invalides monument, where Napoleon Bonaparte's tomb is located.

Trump's visit comes in celebration of the Bastille Day commemorations of the entry 100 years ago of U.S. troops into World War One.

On Friday, Trump is to attend a Bastille Day parade in the French capital.

This year, France's national holiday takes place "in the context of an increased terrorist threat", according to French prefect Michel Delpuech.

The two men have been sitting for extended talks on security matters, including the civil war in Syria and counterterrorism efforts. Once Macron reaches the front row, he claps Trump on the shoulder, before taking his place beside the U.S. president. "No", Mr Macron said.

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"I think from a practical standpoint most people would have taken that meeting", Trump added.

This year will also feature participation by US soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines from the Army's 1st Infantry Division of note because this was also the first USA unit to enter France and actually participated in the Bastille Day festivities in 1917 and was the first US unit to go into combat.

Donald Trump's first official visit to France was full of pomp and circumstance - but not political correctness.

Macron may need to make a larger gesture to maintain the US's relationship with foreign powers, considering the opposition of many of other countries to Trump in the recent G20 summit.

The way Trump tells it - Jim is a friend who loves Paris and used to visit every year. "Macron is symbolically offering Trump his hand".

Protesters in the "Paris Against Trump" group planned a "No Trump Zone" for Bastille Day celebrations in one of the biggest public areas in Paris, NBC reported.

Donald Trump has suggested he could change his position on the Paris climate change deal.