Premier League kicks on to record revenues of £3.6bn


The total £3.6bn earnings of Premier League clubs in 2015-16, as reported by the Guardian's own review of the clubs' most recently published accounts are projected to have increased to £4.5bn last season, the first of the league's vastly more lucrative 2016-19 TV deals.

Premier League clubs spent a record £1.3 billion on transfers during the 2015/16 season, surpassing the previous season's record of £1.1 billion by over 20 percent.

As the report's foreword puts it: "We return to two familiar themes as we assess the 2015-16 season - the continuation of relentless revenue growth across Europe's major leagues, in particular the Premier League, and the commitment of this money to spending on players via transfer fees and wages, again led by English clubs".

"Each club generated more on average182m) than all 22 top division clubs combined managed in 1991/92 - the final season before the competition began", says the report.

"Even in the final year of its old broadcast contracts, Premier League revenues continued to set new records", Dan Jones, a partner in Deloitte's sports business group, was quoted as saying.

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Across all four divisions, the 92 clubs generated 4.4 billion pounds, another record, with new highs in spending, profits and tax also being recorded by the 26th edition of Deloitte's Annual Review of Football Finance published on Wednesday.

This resulted in a £22m (30 percent) increase in Premier League central distributions and a £25m (24 percent) increase in revenue. Its £2.8 billion annual TV deal is nearly 30 times greater than that of the English Football League, which is reported to be £90 million across all three divisions. The Sportingintelligence website this week said that Premier League clubs had spent 571 million in transfers since the start of the month, making it the fifth biggest window ever, with 52 days remaining until it ends.

"The evidence suggests they are willing to do so because they all want promotion to the Premier League and it should be noted that there have been no insolvencies in the English Football League since 2013 - there are financial regulations in place and they are being monitored". We'd like you to have a bash at naming as many of them as you can. The division's top six wage spenders in 2015-16 filled the top six positions in 2016-17.

Premier League newcomers Huddersfield Town will be also be in front of the cameras for their first game of the season, when they host Newcastle on the same day.