Pixel 2 XL photos leaked, squeezable frame tech like HTC U11 hinted


The Pixel and Pixel XL were highly anticipated devices, but ultimately they were primarily a first-generation, introductory release for Google, and though they weren't wholly-spectacular, we regarded them a "foundational release".

As we're heading into the latter part of 2017, reports of new devices pour in nearly every day. In fact, we don't even know if this phone will be called the "Pixel XL".

In regard to the smaller Pixel, I tend to think it'll be largely unchanged versus the current Pixel, with the new "XL" representing the cutting edge of Google's engineering and design efforts, while the smaller device will act as a sort of entry-level option. Furthermore, compared to the first generation Pixel XL the render, coupled with Android Police's additional information, reveals numerous alterations and enhancements. But the company has still not made clear whether they would be including the feature in Google's latest model or not. Now, a new leaked image has revealed that Google may be taking a page out of #HTC's book by using a similar squeezable #Frame Technology as the HTC U11.

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One of the disappointing things of the Pixel XL 2 is that it does not feature a dual camera feature. The "3D" glass effect is also much more pronounced on this phone, though don't go confusing that for a curved display - the screen itself is flat. Interestingly, both the smartphones feature single rear camera.

The price of the upcoming Pixel model is still unknown. Google has not been linear with naming its phones. The Pixel 2 XL's display alone is about as big as the original Pixel. Rumors say the Pixel 2 will inherit the Pixel's iPhone design. Starting and stopping various media functions?

With the Pixel line impressing everyone with their specs, metal and glass design and elegance, fans can not stop but wonder what the 2017 Pixel smartphones are like.