Mario Kart Arcade Game Gets VR Upgrade


This Mario Kart VR game is the newest entry announcement in an ongoing series of Namco-developed Mario Kart arcade games which offers a thrill-ride of enjoyment for both fans of Nintendo and virtual reality alike.

It's happening-Mario Kart is officially coming to virtual reality.

It never occurred to me that Mario Kart would be THE BEST game to play in virtual reality, but now that it's happening, it seems like the flawless idea. Basically players will be put into a first-person perspective and with motion controllers, they will be able to toss their items at other players to impede their progress, much like you would in the normal game. VR is a mixed bag for me personally and there's no games that are as frantic as Mario Kart, so I can't even imagine that in VR.

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Players will control Mario Kart Arcade GP VR via an HTC Vive headset while seated in Mario Kart themed arcade chairs which include the entire inner workings of a vehicle. It's also worth noting that VR Thwomp looks terrifying.

Right now, Mario Kart GP is only set to release in Japan, so it's unclear if and when it will come to America. Notably, though this is an officially licensed project from Nintendo, the game is actually being made by another Japanese game developer: Namco, the company behind classics like "Pac-Man" and "Tekken".