Halo 5 will be 4K on the Xbox One X


Announced via Xbox Wire, Microsoft has revealed that fans will be able to tune in on August 20 at 3 PM EST to get all of the latest news and announcements on the Xbox One and upcoming Xbox One X. This means that if you have a party of four, say in Destiny, all of your screens will be available to watch on one screen so a viewer never has to miss any action.

Major Nelson's announcement also confirms there'll be 27 playable games for the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC at Gamescom, including Forza 7, Sea of Thieves and the first-look at Age of Empires Definitive Edition. With co-streaming now on the console, you can invite others to co-stream and join a co-stream - entirely from your Xbox One.

The update's details, as per Microsoft's wording, can be found on the following page.

Additionally, Xbox One gamers can now link a specific controller to their Xbox profiles "for easy, automatic sign-in". They will then just need to choose the link controller options and that' it. It also said that it's "making it easier to see who is competing - and winning - in Arena".

If you want to create your own tournament, see the link below.

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Also, those who set their phones to a different region or locale separate from their Xbox account can now set the app and store to match their Xbox and purchase content from the console's region.

"With this update, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now browse the titles in their subscription through the Xbox app".

Mixer co-streaming is also being enabled in an update rolling out to Xbox One today, allowing Xbox owners and up to three friends to broadcast together on the game streaming service.

"The Xbox app on Android is getting a bonus feature this month with Chat Bubbles".