Apple iPhone 8 to Feature Rear-facing 3D Laser System


Now, Fast Company reports that the device will feature a rear-facing 3D sensor to aid with AR and other camera technology... This week, a source is claiming that the Galaxy S8 rival smartphone will come with a rear-facing 3D laser system that would allow the device to have better autofocus and enhanced implementation of augmented reality software features. Today's report explains that it's up to the "progress Apple engineers make in integrating the laser system into the phone" and that it could come this year or it could come next year. Currently, ARKit uses the iPhone camera to picture and measure the real world. The report further states that Apple has bought vertical-cavity-surface-emitting-laser components for use with the VCSEL system expected on the phone.

VCSEL laser systems calculate the distance the light travels from the laser to the target and back to the sensor, and generate a Time of Flight (TOF) measurement.

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This means even though Apple employees are working hard, we may not see the laser system in this year's edition of iPhone. Now, word has it that Apple is certainly integrating 3D sensors, however, for larger objective as well. VCSEL laser systems are specifically created to calculate the distance to an object and generate accurate measurements, and consist of the laser source along with a lens, sensor, and processor, but as sophisticated as the system sounds, sources suggest that it would only cost around $2 per iPhone to implement. Sources claim the system will cost about $2 per phone. Laser beams bounce off objects and return to the sensor providing the precise depth of field for each. The camera lens can then focus on the desired aspect of a shot in milliseconds. The laser system is much faster and more accurate. Lumentum is purportedly providing most of the VCSEL lasers with Finisar and II-VI as secondary suppliers.