Leopard climbs up electric pole, gets electrocuted in Nizamabad district of Telangana


A 4-year old leopard was electrocuted at the top of an electric pole which is 12-feet, in Nizamabad, Telangana state.

The forest officials lowered the body and after the post mortem, which was done by an assistant veterinary surgeon, it was burnt and the whole process was videotaped, said Mr. Prasad. He said that in case somebody had chased the leopard it would have climbed the tallest object in the area, which was the electric pole and got electrocuted.

Officials suspect that the leopard came out of the forest in search of food.

The incident occurred in the district's Mallaram village on Monday, in an area just a few hundred metres from the Mallaram forest, Telangana Today reported. We believe it was an accidental death. There is no habitation nearby except a farmhouse. "Poachers generally kill tigers, and not leopards, for their nails".

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"Leopards, when sensing danger, seek shelter on trees" he added.

Prasad said that installation of cameras around the reserve forest to monitor the animals would ensure that they remain unharmed.

Among the many animals that are regularly killed by electrocution, leopards and peacocks record the third-highest number of such deaths, according to a study by an NGO.