Susan Boyle 'targeted by gang of up to 15 yobs'


According to reports, the group targeted Boyle at a bus stop, where they surrounded her and pelted her with any item they could find nearby.

In another incident, some boys set pieces of paper on fire and "threw it at her face", the Mirror reported.

"Another time ten to fifteen of them were surrounding [her] and throwing stuff". They were waiting at the entrance and said, "Why do not you buy a pair of glasses, kind of old ***** moche".

We hope Susan and the neighbourhood's safety is put first in dealing with this matter.

Page Six has learned the former "Britain's Got Talent" star, 56, initially kept quiet about the harassment until local newspapers unearthed a bevy of incidents taking a toll on the small community.

Adding, 'They go up and down this road.

A spokesman for SuBo said they were going to call the police to deal with the gang of yobs.

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Despite the fame and success that she has achieved since appearing on "Britain's Got Talent" eight years ago, Susan has chosen to stay living in the same home she always has, in Blackburn, near Glasgow.

The singer Susan Boyle, discovered on the Britain's Got Talent, was taken several times by a gang of young people. You or I could handle it but with Susan's condition [she has Asperger syndrome] it makes it harder.

"They pick on the most vulnerable people".

'It seems to come and go with the youngsters.

The gang, between the ages of 16 and 18, are known locally and have also - reportedly - been seen behaving badly towards other neighbours too. "She's had security in the past but doesn't like it", the insider said.

But that doesn't mean Boyle will be amping up security. "And she doesn't want that". Like it or not, she's rich in a poor area. That town sounds like a s**thole, anyway!' WHY should she change her life or routines.