Spain: Poor English may have caused bungee-jumping death


In addition to the accusations that he did he was speaking English poorly clearly, the Spanish instructor is accused of not asking the young person for identification and allowing her to do bungee jumping, although she was not 18 years old, as required by the law.

Dutch teenager Vera Mol died after jumping off a bridge in Cantabria, northern Spain, in August 2015, during a group activity organised by a local adventure sports company.

In a terribly sad story, a judge has found that a teenage girl died bungee jumping because she misheard her instructor's accent, believing he'd told her to jump when actually he'd said not to.

"The use of the poor English "no jump" could perfectly well be understood as an explicit order to jump by the victim", the judgement read.

Martijn Klom, who runs the bungee jumping company in question, called the death an accident.

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The teenager died when she jumped from a road bridge before her rope had been secured to anything, after her instructor said "no jump", which she may have heard as "now jump".

Judges ruled the instructor's English was "macarronico" - or "awful" - and that the tragedy could have been avoided had he used the correct phrase "don't jump" instead.

Flowtrack's director will now be prosecuted for homicide through negligence, despite appealing a court ruling past year where it was argued Vera jumped before she was told to.

The jump involved leaping from a bridge over a highway in the northern region of Spain while attached to an elasticated bungee rope, but it was to take a tragic turn when Vera stepped up to the ledge.

Aqua 21 Aventura was also not licensed to organise jumps from the bridge.