RICK AND MORTY New Episode Teased in Live Stream Announcement


Leading up to the highly anticipated premiere of Rick and Morty season 3 on Adult Swim, series co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have just announced a special event live stream for the program's most devoted fans.

Now, Adult Swim is teasing a special, mysterious Rick and Morty livestream and are withholding any information about what it could include.

On a scale of one to ten, how excited are you for Rick and Morty season 3? Season 2 ended in October 2015 (there was a one-off last April), leaving some fans worrying about a falling out between Harmon and co-creator/star Justin Roiland. It could also mean, however, that Harmon and Roiland will release the second episode of the third season. The series' odd sense of humor and philosophical themes have helped the series become well-liked by the science fiction fan community, and everyone's eager to get their grimy hands on the rest of Rick and Morty season 3.

Rick and Morty Season 3 will air on the Adult Swim programming block of Cartoon Network - although no broadcast date has been set. Harmon explained in a series of posts on Twitter that he's "very regretful" that the new episodes of the animated show are "taking way too long". Considering Harmon's recent tweet storm, it seems very likely that we'll get a sneak peek at what the season has to offer. "Because it's a less boring reason for a season to take long".

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Harmon and Roiland are just taking forever to flawless this thing. So as far as I can tell, although I'm too close to it, it's just another good season of [Rick and Morty].

In the multiverse of Rick and Morty, there are so many answers and cryptic hints that we want answered. Because it's a less boring reason for a season to take long, and because I'm Dan Harmon, so it's a smart fucking first guess, it just happens to be hilariously not true even in the slightest. "Fighting probably would have been a good idea, it might have sped us up".

In response to a Twitter inquiry about the possibility that the show had become too popular to maintain his enthusiasm for the series, Harmon addressed the show's delay in a series of tweets.