Louisville hit with sanctions for sex scandal and could lose title


Rick Pitino struck a defiant pose Thursday in response to the punishment leveled by the NCAA for Louisville's sex-for-play scandal.

Pitino, a member of the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame, is suspended for the first five ACC games of 2017-18.

The NCAA ruled that Pitino was in violation of NCAA head coach responsibility rules by failing to monitor the activities of former assistant coach Andre McGee, who allegedly hired strippers to entertain players and recruits.

Furthermore, Louisville will be on probation for four years, have scholarships reduced and forfeit money received through conference revenue sharing for the NCAA Tournaments from 2012-15.

The NCAA wants Louisville to vacate records for any games "in which student-athletes competed while ineligible from December 2010 and July 2014".

Louisville had self-imposed several sanctions, including a postseason ban in 2015-16. The NCAA will have the final say on which and how many wins get vacated, which could include the Cardinals' 2012-13 national championship. "What went on [the NCAA's ruling] was unjust, inconceivable".

-Andre McGee has been given a 10-year show-cause order that will keep him out of college basketball (officially) for at least a decade.

In fact, despite U of L's objections, you could make a case the school skated. During that period, any NCAA member school employing the former coach must restrict him from holding any athletically related duties and from having any contact with prospects and their families.

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The infractions committee found Pitino to be partly at fault because he allowed the director to interact with the visiting prospects in their dorm. The panel noted that a head coach does not meet his monitoring responsibility by simply trusting an individual to know NCAA rules and to do the right thing.

It is worth mentioning, too, that the NCAA stopped short of definitively concluding that everyone other than McGee was ignorant of the events. Bush was stripped of his Heisman Trophy, 30 scholarships were docked, the school served a two-year postseason ban, and its 2005 BCS national championship game appearance also was vacated.

The NCAA doles out punishment primarily to schools rather than coaches, and it spent ample time describing the infamous Fab Melo meeting, where Boeheim was not involved.

Louisville interim president Greg Postel confirmed that the Cardinals will appeal these sanctions.

"So I just feel we are devastated by the news - all of us are - but that being said, moving forward, we believe we will win the appeal because it's right, that it's just".

Which is why many of us assumed for years that whatever transpires with North Carolina's academic case would not involve the removal of championships won during the time period the NCAA is investigating. But the alternative to this reality would be head coaches forever making assistants take the fall alone whenever the you-know-what hits the you-know-what.

UofL fans said Thursday that they're disappointed in the NCAA's announcement of the penalties against the school's high-profile basketball team. The notice of allegations released by the NCAA's enforcement staff past year indicated that Pitino is "presumed responsible" by NCAA rules for McGee's conduct, and that the Hall of Fame head coach failed to "frequently spot-check the program to uncover potential or existing compliance problems".