Joins Toronto's Pride Parade


While POTUS Donald Trump has refused to join in any of June's Pride celebrations, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reportedly felt no shame when he joined the LGBTQ community in celebrating Toronto Pride on Sunday. Watch Trudeau in Toronto's Pride parade below.

The entire city of Toronto embraced the festivities, with pride themed street fairs, huge billboards, shops, banks and products rebranded and flying rainbow colors.

"It's all about how we celebrate the multiple layers of identities that make Canada extraordinary and strong, " he told reporters before marching.

What do you think about Justin Trudeau's Pride appearance? "I've been coming to this for years and it's sort of frustrating that it has to be a big thing", he said, adding, "It shouldn't be a big thing that the Prime Minister is walking in the Pride parade and from now on it won't".

Meanwhile, many Twitters users trashed Trudeau for his unconditional support of Muslims at the expense of Canadians and the gay community, who are most jeopardized by fundamentalist Islam.

In January, organizers agreed to a list of demands issued by the Toronto chapter of Black Lives Matter, which included the police ban.

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Despite the lack of uniformed police in the parade (the officers were invited to join the NYC pride instead) this year's Toronto Pride was another celebration of nationwide diversity and inclusivity.

Black Lives Matter has argued that allowing uniformed officers at the parade could discourage marginalized communities from attending.

Throughout Pride Month, from Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Phoenix, Colombus and Minneapolis, LGBT Pride events embraced a larger unified resistance movement to show their solidarity with other movements and fightback against Trump-era atrocities.

See more photos of Trudeau at the parade below.

Trudeau has also marched in other Pride parades across Canada during his candidacy. "This is the first time I love myself".

Toronto Mayor John Tory and Assembly of First Nations Chief Perry Bellegarde (below) also took part.