Beyoncé and Jay-Z's twins are reportedly out of hospital


The babies were born a bit early and were reportedly "under the lights" for a few days, perhaps suffering from jaundice. So how serious is it? The condition is caused when the liver produces too much bilirubin, causing yellow hued skin. They are still "under the lights", which is a technique used to lower bilirubin in the blood to eliminate jaundice.

Sources close to E! But the couple still has not revealed the babies' names. They decamped to the luxe home after leaving the hospital.

Beyonce and Jay have remained tight-lipped about the twins, but Beyonce dad Mathew Knowles, confirmed theie arrival on social media. He tweeted a photo that declared "Happy Birthday to the twins! love, Granddad" and wrote "They're here!" He confirmed the big news on Twitter, writing, "They're here!"

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There is also a pool house, a large office building and a staff housing complex on site, so the new mum has plenty of options of accommodation for any help she might require. News claim the family has left the hospital are now resting at a rented mansion in Malibu.

After a very minor health scare, Beyonce and JAY-Z's twins are finally home.

The Inquisitr reported last week that Beyonce and Jay Z are planning on raising their three kids on the West Coast of the U.S. and love the school system in the area. Let us know your take in the comments section below!