Amazon's Beehive-Shaped Fulfillment Centers Could Change the Future of Retail Forever


Such as the global e-commerce leader Amazon, which is capable of building and already patented their new delivery options visualizes the future, where humans will see the skies buzzes with drones.

The patent, which Amazon filed with the US Patent and Trademark Office and published on Thursday, is for what it calls a series of "multi-level fulfillment centres for unmanned aerial vehicles".

"The future of Amazon drone deliveries could start at massive 'beehives".

According to the filing, Amazon customers would also be able to pick up orders themselves at the facility - if they're not anxious about having to duck drones.

Amazon has filed for a new patent (as revealed by recode) of their vision of what the future of drone storage might look like and the company is taking inspiration from our friendly neighbourhood bees for their plans to store the drones.

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The towers would also accept traditional truck deliveries and allow customers to pick up items. Those buildings are typically located on the outskirts of urban areas and are not convenient for deliveries into cities where populations continue to swell, the company noted. This means Amazon would be able to deliver goods to a huge number of people quickly. Then, at a March conference, Amazon completed its first public demonstration of a Prime Air drone delivery in the U.S.

The Senate issued a bipartisan proposal to authorize the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to speed drone delivery approval, Bloomberg reported last week.

Amazon continues patenting new adaptations for its eventual drone delivery system, now proposing a sort of dock resembling a dwelling for homing birds, wherein the flying machines can be reloaded with items for delivery.

It's unclear if Amazon will make the drone centers a reality; patents often do not come to fruition in the marketplace.