China's jailed Nobel Peace laureate granted medical parole


Jailed Chinese Nobel Peace laureate and dissident Liu Xiaobo has been released on medical parole after his May 23 diagnosis of late-stage liver cancer. "You need medical parole for that".

But Mo Shaoping, another lawyer who has represented Mr. Liu, said he was certain that Mr. Liu had been given medical parole.

The democracy campaigner was being treated at a hospital in the northeastern city of Shenyang. "Otherwise it would be legally impossible for him to leave the prison for medical care", Mr. Mo said by telephone.

The literature professor was awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize for "his long and non-violent struggle for fundamental human rights in China".

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The global community had been calling for years for the release of the 2010 Nobel victor.

Mr Liu was handed an 11-year sentence in 2009 on subversion charges brought after he co-authored a call for legal and political reform of the one-party communist political system known as Charter 08. As a leading member of the Independent China Pen Centre, a grouping of Chinese writers, Liu had remained in close contact with key intellectuals and had been largely free to attend meetings and writer group activities despite constant police surveillance.

Rights group Amnesty International also confirmed the news of Liu's illness in a tweet.