WhatsApp Now Allows Sharing of All File Types


(Web Desk) - WhatsApp is all set to launch its latest update which will have a feature of "share all file types" for smartphone users.

About a year ago, WhatsApp introduced a file-sharing feature, allowing users to share any type of documents through WhatsApp.

A test is now undergoing with a small set of users for an update that adds the ability to send any kind of file between users on WhatsApp, according to Android Central. Although WhatsApp takes some time to get a new update, we can see many updates coming to the Facebook Messenger app and Instagram. However, this latest version is now rolling out in stages and apparently, only a handful of people can enjoy the new functionality. People using WhatsApp on their smartphones will now be able to share all kinds of files, including photos, videos, documents, and others.

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Support for file types like doc, docx, pdf, rtf, ppt, pptx, txt, xls and xlsx will be further improved by the app.

There's no clear explanation as to why different platforms are getting support for different file sizes or maybe why WhatsApp has opted to cap the size of files to be shared. However, videos might still need to be compressed as there's size limitation. iOS users will be able to send a file of maximum 128MB in size while the limit for those using WhatsApp om Android devices is 100MB. This would be incredibly nice; because at present, WhatsApp compresses each media file before sending it to the user.