YouTube's new video format allows for immersive videos, no headset required


The new format is called VR180, and as you might have guessed, it's been created to give people a more immersive experience than normal videos, but not quite as hard or overwhelming as 360-degree movies can be to watch. According to YouTube's Creator Blog, "you'll be able to see exactly what parts of your video are catching a viewer's attention and how long they're looking at a specific part of the video".

That's why YouTube is releasing a video format that allows creators to film as they normally would for two-dimensional screens, and that will work in virtual reality formats. If you can't wait to try these out, eligible creators can apply to loan a VR180-enabled camera from one of our YouTube Spaces around the globe. It also supports livestreaming and works on Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, and Playstation VR as well as non-VR platforms.

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Teague said that make-up tutorials may also benefit from the addition of stereoscopic 3D through VR180. "You can get really close to the camera", she said - something that often can't be done with 360-degree video cameras. It also partnered with major electronics companies to launch 180-degree video cameras in time for the holiday season. Scenes recorded with a 360-degree camera have to be meticulously planned, as every little detail is in the shot. The Los Angeles Times has reported on a program called Supercharger, which will gather 11 female creators in NY for a series of workshops and meetings that will help the attendees better run their channels as businesses. The first batch of these 180VR-certified cameras comes from Chinese manufacturer Shenzhen ImagineVision Technology Limited, which is better known under its Z Cam brand.

Today YouTube has announced a new video format to go along with all that VR the kids are using these days. The Daydream team is helping with the development of 180-degree cameras, which will be priced about the same as regular point-and-shoots.