Xbox One X won't turn a profit for Microsoft


Indeed. Much of the money that any platform holder makes is from software sales (that's why console games are more expensive than their counterparts on PC), and with Xbox One X this will be no different.

So, in terms of the hardware inside the console, you're getting your money's worth, especially if you consider you're benefitting from Microsoft's negotiating clout with the suppliers who provide the parts for the Xbox One X. It measures up on the inside with a sleek new design and the smallest console in the history of Xbox, the X is as compact as it is powerful. Is the PlayStation 4 Pro a worthy rival to the Xbox One X or is it meant to challenge the Xbox One S? Microsoft is even bringing Original Xbox game to the Xbox family, starting with Crimson Skies. PlayStation is on the other end of the spectrum, releasing their own VR headset and spending a good portion of Monday night's press conference announcing new games for the headset.

The Xbox One X releases on November 7, 2017, and will cost $499. They successfully excelled the Xbox One by 20-to-1, according to industry trackers.

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After months of speculation, Microsoft has finally unveiled its latest games console, a more powerful version of the Xbox One called the Xbox One X.

Speaking to Giant Bomb (via Gamespot), Spencer said that supporting original Xbox games on Xbox One is more technically challenging than Xbox 360, and touched on the rights issue as another bump in the road. Xbox One X will be offering 6 teraflops (trillion floating point operations per second), in comparison to only 4.2 offered by PS4 Pro. However, some of the biggest games revealed for the new Xbox One X so far include the "Player Unknown's Battlegrounds", "Forza Motorsport 7", "State of Decay 2", and the new open-world shooter game "Metro Exodus", Express reported. The hyped system will also deliver a full 4K HD experience at over 8 million pixels.