'Stronger' Trailer: Jake Gyllenhaal Plays an Inspirational Boston Bombing Victim


"I just want people to see how unbelievable my son is", says Miranda Richardson's Patty Bauman in this trailer for Stronger, as the clip makes her case. But unlike that movie, which focused on the bombing overall, this movie tells the story of Jeff Bauman, who lost his legs in the bombing, and the aftereffects of what he endured. Here's hoping Stronger turns out to be as good as this trailer makes it look.

An AP photo of a badly injured Bauman being rushed away in a wheelchair by three rescuers became one of the most memorable images of the April 15, bombings, which killed three people. Stronger has a 22 September release date scheduled for the States, but we're still waiting to find out when it'll arrive here.

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tatiana Maslany bring to life the struggles of Boston Marathon bombing survivor Jeff Bauman and his then-girlfriend Erin Hurley in the trailer for Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate's "Stronger".

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Bauman was the subject of one of the day's most harrowing and circulated photographs, and also played a large role in identifying suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev, before going on to write a memoir in 2015 about his experiences. In the months following the blast, Jeff tackles intensive physical and emotional rehabilitation with the unwavering support of Erin and his family.

The film is directed by David Gordon Green from a script written by Boston local John Pollono, and also stars Miranda Richardson as Bauman's mother and Clancy Brown as his father.