Kuwait hands Qatar a list of demands from boycotting countries: Al Jazeera


Iran is sending more than 1,000 tonnes of food, including fruits and vegetables, to Qatar every day amid the Gulf crisis, after major countries in the Gulf led by Saudi Arabia severed diplomatic ties with Doha. "The base in Qatar is both a Turkish base and one that will preserve the security of Qatar and the region", he said.

On Monday (19 June) Foreign Minister Saheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman al-Thani said Qatar would not negotiate with the four states unless they lifted their measures against Doha, Reuters said.

On the freight side, Qatar Airways and other carriers that service the country are seeing a yet-unquantified surge in volumes, in response to disruptions in overland freight from Saudi Arabia.

Customs and Trade Minister Bulent Tufenkci said Turkish exports to Qatar have tripled since the four Arab countries began boycotting the Gulf state earlier this month.

Qatar must also announce it is severing ties with terrorist, ideological and sectarian organisations including the Muslim Brotherhood, Islamic State, al Qaeda, Hezbollah, and Jabhat Fateh al Sham, formerly al Qaeda's branch in Syria, he said, and surrender all designated terrorists on its territory.

As CNSNews.com reported earlier, Al-Jazeera this month published a fatwa defending Qatar against the allegations of terror-sponsorship - written by a radical cleric who has been designated by the USA and United Nations for facilitating and funding terrorism.

"If there is such a demand, it will mean interference in bilateral ties", Isik said, suggesting instead that Turkey might continue to bolster its presence in Qatar. Turkey's parliament fast-tracked legislation on June 7 to allow more troops to be deployed to a military base in Qatar that houses Turkish soldiers under an agreement signed in 2014.

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"Certain government bodies cancelled leave so staff were present to help with vital planning such as chartering new shipping routes and getting food into the country", said the Qatari official who declined to be named under briefing rules.

Al-Jazeera: Shut down Al-Jazeera channel and offshoots. More importantly, neither the Muslim Brotherhood nor Hamas is a terrorist group.

At the time of writing, the Qatari government has still not issued a statement regarding the demands of the Saudi-UAE-led alliance.

Jordan and Djibouti declared downgraded diplomatic ties with Doha, while Senegal recalled its Qatari ambassador.

Gargash also called on Qatar to stop harbouring individuals who are sanctioned regionally and internationally for terrorism, as he put it.

If Qatar agrees to comply, the list asserts that it will be audited once a month for the first year, and then once per quarter in the second year after it takes effect.

Lederman reported from Washington.