India's Kavita Devi selected to compete in firstever WWE tournament for women


Kavita was ecstatic on being the first woman to wrestle in WWE, she told IANS, "I am honoured to be the first Indian woman to compete in WWE's first ever women's tournament".

The growing list seems to indicate the unprecedented all-women's single-elimination tournament will feature talent from around the world at a level similar in prestige and variety to last year's Cruiserweight Classic.

WWE has officially announced four participants thus far: Lacey Evans, Sarah Logan, Toni Storm, and Princesa Sugehit.

In an announcement that was made by ESPN, it was noted that Tessa Blanchard, Abbey Laith, Taynara Conti, Kavita Devi, and Jazzy Gabert would be taking part in the women's tournament.

Abbey Laith grew up admiring revolutionaries like Lita, Chyna and Ivory, but the WWE Performance Center standout - renowned for her strikes and suplexes - will have a chance to break new ground of her own in this summer's Classic.

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As the start of the Mae Young Classic draws ever closer, more names are being announced of those looking to win it all. Fans may recognize Tessa Blanchard who is the daughter of Tully Blanchard, the stepdaughter of Magum TA, the granddaughter of Joe Blanchard, and she was trained by Dusty Rhodes. She's a former champion in Japan's Stardom wrestling promotion and found success all over the world.

Conti spent years honing her martial arts skills in her native Brazil, eventually being promoted to black belt in judo and blue belt in jiu-jitsu.

Blanchard was recently involved in the upcoming project that The Rock has undertaken, creating a movie based on Paige, called 'Fighting with My Family' which she will star in.

Gabert stands at 6-foot-1 and hails from Germany. She also participated in this past April's WWE tryout in Dubai. Additionally, she was among 34 global athletes to compete at a WWE tryout hosted in Dubai in April.