Juror: 2 holdouts blocked conviction in Bill Cosby trial


O'Neill warned jurors not to divulge what fellow jurors said during deliberations.

Lawyers for news outlets argued at a hearing Tuesday that the names should nearly always be public to ensure transparency in the judicial process.

The votes on the first count were 10 to 2 in favor of finding Cosby guilty of digitally penetrating his accuser Andrea Constand without her consent, the juror told ABC.

"They were just literally walking in circles where they were standing because they were losing their minds", the juror told ABC, adding that one male juror even punched the concrete wall of the room.

The document said the court had "significant concerns" over publication of the names during the trial, when attempts to contact jurors' families and friends, who would likely have contacted the jurors, would have caused "consternation and distraction from their sworn duty".

ABC published the interview after Judge Steven O'Neill ordered the public release of the jurors' names, granting a request by a dozen media organizations, including The Associated Press and the major TV networks. The case ended in a mistrial when the jury was unable to come to a unanimous decision.

Even if they opted not to speak about the deliberations, the jurors could share their thoughts on such issues as the strength of the evidence or whether there should be a retrial. "But they can agree they want a fair, impartial trial, and both of them feel it would have that effect."District Attorney Kevin R. Steele said that while picking a jury would still be possible after releasing the names of the jurors, it would make the process more hard".

Lawyers for news outlets had argued that jurors' names should be public to ensure transparency in the judicial process.

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Of the 12 jurors at Bill Cosby's sexual assault trial, only two though the star was innocent but refused to listen to persuading arguments, it has been revealed.

On the second count, that Constand was unconscious or unaware during the incident, the vote was 11 to one to acquit, the juror said.

After a brief statement that was read by Wyatt, Cosby and his team hopped into a waiting SUV and drove away from the Montgomery County Courthouse, certainly hoping to never see it again.

The jury was selected from the Pittsburgh area and spent two weeks sequestered 300 miles (482 kilometers) from home. Though Cosby did not take the stand, he said in a decade-old deposition that he gave Benadryl to Constand to "relax" her, and then the two had a consensual sexual encounter.

The AP does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

The prosecution filed a memorandum opposing the release of the names, saying it "could have a chilling effect on future jurors and could impair both parties' right to a fair and impartial trial".

Judge Steven O'Neill declared a mistrial on Saturday after the jury deadlocked.

Other jurors declined to comment.