Wife of Nik Wallenda hangs by teeth from chopper over Niagara Falls


Wallenda spent about eight minutes of her 10-minute stunt hovering over the falls. She'll be on a Hula-Hoop-type device dangling from a helicopter as it flies 300 feet (91 meter) above the Falls.

Nik was in the helicopter encouraging his wife, as she also hung by her toes from a hoop.

Thursday's stunt marked the fifth anniversary of her husband's walk on a tightrope over Niagara Falls, which straddle the border between Canada and the United States.

A trapeze artist from a renowned family of daredevils is planning to hang by her teeth from a helicopter over Niagara Falls today.

Like Nikolas, Erendira too has her daredevil stunts rooted to decades-old generations.

The stunt comes almost five years after Nik put on the headline-making performance, crossing 200 ft. above the falls.

For the sake of the performer's teeth, the stunt has evolved over the years and now the couple uses custom made mouthpieces while performing.

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Some observers who watched Wallenda's stunt from the ground called it an exciting event. That record she broke by the way was the record her husband set back in 2011.

"What is against her", Nik Wallenda said, "is that your mind - the higher you are, the harder it is to let go and hang on by your teeth".

It was as children watching their parents perform that Nik and Erendira met.

The Niagara County Legislature last month approved spending $35,000 for the act.

Nik told reporters that he's looking to build a permanent attraction in Niagara Falls that would showcase his family business.

The Wallendas have talked about opening a Wallenda-themed entertainment complex in Niagara Falls for several years, but there has been little, if any, public progress.

"I probably would want to spend all day long up there", she said. "That's wonderful. That's awesome".