Trump derails infrastructure speech to whine about Democrats obstructing his agenda


Trump said the families - one from OH and one from Kentucky - are going through "turmoil" along with millions of other consumers faced with rising premiums and limited choice for health coverage under the law.

Trump will also propose grants for rural areas to fix crumbling bridges, roads and waterways, a White House official said, and more control for cities and states to do the work they feel needs to get done.

At the Senate leadership press conference Tuesday, Republican Roy Blunt of Missouri expressed optimism that Democrats and Republicans will be able to work together on infrastructure.

By using real people to help illustrate his points, Trump is following the example of many Democratic politicians.

The White House has yet to detail specifics of the plan, but hopes to finance improvements using public-private partnerships.

Wednesday's event, paired with Comey's upcoming testimony, is part of the dual screen reality the Trump White House is now operating in. Trump has denied the allegations and called the Russian Federation story "fake news".

"Bold, job-creating investments in our crumbling infrastructure system can and should be a bipartisan priority", she said in a statement.

Zeldin told reporters that Trump upheld his tweeting. "It's time to recapture our legacy as a nation of builders and to create new lanes of travel, commerce, and discovery, and we're going to see all the way into the future, and the future's going to be attractive, and the future's going to be bright", he added.

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Trump offered Wednesday to personally broker a resolution to the Persian Gulf's escalating diplomatic crisis, as both he and Qatar's leader looked past his pointed suggestion only a day earlier that the tiny gas-rich nation enables terrorism.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, inland waterways support upwards of 270,000 jobs and $30.9 billion in annual economic activity. AP writer Bruce Schreiner contributed to this report from Louisville, Kentucky.

President Donald Trump confirmed his plan to invest $1 trillion into infrastructure remodeling Wednesday, saying "It's time to rebuild our country". Shown are PlayCare co-owner Rays Whalen, left, and CSS Distribution Group President Dan Withrow and their families.

Trump will speak about his administration's infrastructure efforts at 1:20 p.m. from Cincinnati's Rivertowne Marina.

President Trump is scheduled to travel to OH on Wednesday to address improvements to levees, dams and locks on inland waterways that are essential components of agricultural exports.

The National Corn Growers Association applauded President Trump's pledge today to make rebuilding America's infrastructure a national priority and committed to work with his Administration on the issue.

Republicans control 52 seats in the Senate, meaning they can only afford to lose two votes from their caucus.