See behind-the-scenes teaser for "Pitch Perfect 3"


It's been a long wait for Pitch Perfect 3, but with the release of the first teaser trailer, we're officially on the homer to seeing our favourite aca-mazing singing squad again.

With a brief wrap reel, director Trish Sie gives a behind the scenes look at the filming, and get a glimpse into some of what's to come with the Bellas setting off globally.

Front and centre you have Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson on hilarious form. Our look at his part in the movie features him hanging out with some US Army troops as well as wearing a fancy white tuxedo. We also get some clues that the Bellas are out of college and on some sort of world tour, which would make sense, unless Kendrick's character is now a super, super senior. Pitch Perfect 3, on the other hand, is a different beast.

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Indeed, the stars are seen leaping from a boat into water, Rebel Wilson getting attacked by dogs and guest star DJ Khaled hanging out with some soldiers.

Jesse Swanson (Skylar Astin) and the rest of the Trebles, who won't be making an appearance in Pitch Perfect 3. That's quite a jump from "Pitch Perfect 1", which had a limited-run opening of just $5M back in 2012.