Newt Gingrich: Trump Cannot Obstruct Justice


Mueller has reportedly for the federal investigation into possible ties between the Trump campaign and Russian Federation, and plans to hire more. He wrote: "Mueller is now clearly the tip of the deep state spear aimed at destroying or at a minimum undermining and crippling the Trump presidency".

Gingrich, who is promoting his new book, "Understanding Trump", made the comments on "This Week" Sunday, saying, "If you have an obstruction case, Comey has got to be one of the major witnesses".

His remarks were reported by CNN. There was obstruction of justice about the collusion.

The most prominent of those Trump backers was Gingrich, who tweeted Monday that Republicans were "delusional" if they thought Mueller would be fair. Trump also nominated Gingrich's wife, Callista (left), to be the ambassador to the Vatican.

Twitter users quickly pointed out the irony of Gingrich's assertions, given his role in President Clinton's impeachment by the House.

Starr's operation reflected the political orientation of almost all of the independent counsel investigations under Clinton.

However, Gingrich himself has in the past voted to impeach a president over such charges. "Newt, whatever you think you're getting in return for obsequiously sliming an American hero, I guarantee you it's not worth it. Stop". I wonder who we should burn at the stake?

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"But it's part of a pattern, as you saw the one sign this guy was holding, you've had an increasing intensity of hostility on the left", Gingrich said. After Gingrich blamed Clinton's email investigation as a reason to why she was not president, Whoopi outright denied that Comey found any wrongdoing in Clinton's email investigation.

"It turns out, even Dianne Feinstein, the ranking member on the Intelligence Committee, says there is zero evidence of collusion".

"The president of the United States can not obstruct justice".

Trump also nominated Gingrich's wife, Callista, to be the ambassador to the Vatican. I know what I saw.

"'By the way, I know you said I needed to spend eighty million but I've only spent thirty million".

Gingrich said he thinks Trump at this point is "furious". "I don't think that tweet helped him".

According to an analysis by The Hill last October, Department of Justice employees gave $286,797 to the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton, compared with $8,756 that DOJ employees donated to the Trump campaign.