For the 892734th time, 'Stranger Things' will not resurrect Barb


Levy on how they are doing things that might disappoint fans: "We are going to do things that fans will be disappointed in, but I think they will be more satisfied by..."

"Stranger Things" returns for a second season on October 31. Barb, a character who quickly became immortalized by Tumblr and Twitter armies who demanded "Justice for Barb", was killed by the monster after being dragged into the Upside Down.

Levy said that Hollywood A-listers have approached him at awards shows trying to weasel out sneaky tidbits about Barb.

No, you saw - she had like a creature, slug-worm-snake, coming out of her mouth! I don't know that there's a bounce back from that!

Shannon Purser as Stranger Things fave, Barb Holland.

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Speaking about a "darker" and "more ambitious" season two, Levy cautioned fans to buckle up for an even scarier thrill ride from the Duffer Brothers' Netflix phenomenon.

Watch more from Levy in the video below.

Fans were outraged by the character's seemingly unfinished story-she gets abducted, but no real effort is ever put into finding her. Barb drifts away from the series' consciousness, but the Internet has done an incredible job of keeping her indomitable spirit alive and well.

Being released this August, the 3.75"-scaled figures will come in two collections of three, each one bedecked in Stranger Things logos and old-school packaging that is about one step removed from a fuzzy old VHS-recorded TV advertisement from being right out of the '80s".

Barb will not be forgotten. People get very frustrated, understandably, that the town doesn't seem to be really dealing with Barb. We're just not spending any screen time on it. Now sort of the beginning of the episode, we start examining the perils of what it is to be a hero or perhaps the fantasies that you have about yourself and the dangers of that. All I'm going to tell you about season 2 ...