Va. Shooter's Wife Expresses Horror, Asks Media To Go Away


The gunman who opened fire on Republican lawmakers at a baseball practice Wednesday has been identified as James T. Hodgkinson, a strong supporter of leftist Senator Bernie Sanders.

Congressman Steve Scalise, the most seriously wounded, is in critical condition following several surgeries.

Before James Hodgkinson left his home in Belleville, Ill., in March, he sold almost everything he owned from his businesses.

"I was a little shocked out of all the cities in the United States it would be a little Midwest town like this", said Claire Hatch, a lifelong resident.

When the wife of Alexandria shooter James Hodgkinson addressed the media for the first time on Thursday, near her home in Belleville, IL, she said she had no idea that her husband was planning to shoot people at a GOP baseball practice, according to reports.

She, like others who knew "Tom" Hodgkinson, as she referred to him, never dreamed his problems would lead to a potentially deadly attack.

"It's Time to Destroy Trump & Co.", it said.

According to Fox News, the handwritten list was found in a van belonging to James Hodgkinson by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the lawmakers named on the list are known to be conservative members associated with the Freedom Caucus.

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"You just wonder if he just flipped".

Hodgkinson belonged to multiple anti-Republican political groups and was upset about Trump's election victory, brother Michael Hodgkinson said.

Duncan told reporters the morning of the attack that he had encountered Hodgkinson who asked him if it was Republican or Democratic lawmakers on the field. He always drank alone, and always drank cans of Budweiser - sometimes just one, sometimes as many as six, said Kristina Scrimshaw, a bartender at the restaurant.

In that awful crime, the country also witnessed the incredible heroism of the Capitol Police, he said, adding that Special Agent Crystal Griner - who he also met during his visit to the hospital - raced into gunfire, along with Special Agent David Bailey.

On Tuesday, Hodgkinson broke his apparent silence at the garage.

So it is not surprising owner Bob Kaiser may have heard something many of us want to know: a reason the shooter may have travelled to Washington, D.C. Moments later, over 50 shots from a high-powered rifle were fired. "I started yelling at him, 'Hey, stop shooting; there's houses over here".

(St. Clair County Illinois Sheriff's Department via AP).