USA announces death of ISIS media leader in Afghanistan


In April the U.S. Forces - Afghanistan (USFA) dropped the so-called Mother of All Bombs (MOAB) on Daesh hideouts in the neighboring Achin district of Nangarhar province.

A top Afghan Army official has said that at least 700 Islamic State (ISIS) militants were killed in Afghanistan's Nangarhar province in the past three months during the Hamza operations.

Khan has been described as a senior communicator, experienced media production director and a skilled propagandist for ISIS in Afghanistan, known as Islamic State-Khorasan Province. ISIS-K claimed responsibility.

"His death will disrupt the ISIS-K network, degrade their recruitment process and hinder their attempts to conduct worldwide operations", Gen. John Nicholson, commander of USFOR-A said in the statement.

Such a figure is not unusual for the Afghan military, which loves to claim gaudy death tolls in their highest profile operations, but does conflict with the public narrative that the ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan is very small and very aspirational.

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In April, the USA dropped a massive bomb on IS positions in Nangarhar Province, killing more than 90 militants, according to the Afghan Defense Ministry.

On Saturday, an Afghan official told The Associated Press that government forces had recaptured Tora Bora, killing almost two dozen ISIS-K fighters.

He further rejected recent remarks by Afghanistan's Acting Minister of National Defense Major General Tariq Shah Bahrami who had said that government forces have forced Daesh and the Taliban to withdraw from Tora Bora.

It was inclear if fighting would continue.

The statement said there were no civilian casualties associated with the strike.