UK PM May will face leadership challenge if she softens Brexit


British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet delegations from Sinn Féin, the SDLP and the Ulster Unionist and Alliance parties in Downing Street today.

Sinn Féin, the SDLP and the Alliance Party have all made clear Northern Ireland Secretary James Brokenshire can not chair the ongoing process to restore power-sharing at Stormont due to the perceived conflict of interest.

Mrs May is expected to address concerns that her proposed deal with the DUP might damage the peace process, as the cycle of crisis management at Downing Street continues.

DUBLIN, June 16 Arlene Foster, the head of the small Northern Irish political party in talks to support Theresa May's minority government, said on Friday she wanted a "sensible Brexit" that would work for the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland.

The Sinn Féin president visited London with senior party colleagues including Mary Lou McDonald and Michelle O'Neill.

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He said: "Any deal which undercuts in any way the process here or the Good Friday and the other agreements is one which has to be opposed by progressives".

"It's imperative that both governments recommit to the word, spirit and implementation of the Good Friday Agreement if there is to be any prospect of re-establishing the Executive".

These concerns were echoed by former prime minister Sir John Major who has warned that the Government will compromise its stated impartiality if it enters a confidence and supply deal with the DUP at Westminster.

May needs the support of the DUP to govern, after a disastrous election result in which she lost her parliamentary majority.

Ministers have already said that the Queen of England's speech may have to be set back from its scheduled date of next Monday June 19, because of the ongoing negotiations.