Steve Kerr trolls LeBron James at Warriors' championship parade


Later in the day, Green put up an Instagram post mocking a video Cavs star LeBron James has posted shortly before the Warriors' parade began.

After the Cavs came back a year ago from their historic deficit and vanquished the Warriors, LeBron James got petty and donned an Ultimate Warrior shirt. The Warriors made quick work of the Cavs by winning the series 4-1, nearly completely sweeping them.

While the Warriors celebrated their second title in three years, James released footage of himself in the gym, pointing out his new haircut.

Green added that the idea was his own.

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Asked to explain his shirt by Rosalyn Gold-Onwude of NBC Sports Bay Area, Green said, "The Q?"

First there was Green's T-shirt, which had the word "Quickie" on the front in the same font as the signage for Cleveland's Quicken Loans Arena in a clear reference to the length of this year's NBA Finals. So I was waiting on this moment.

LeBron James and Draymond Green have been trolling each other on social media and they are officially the kings of pettiness.

And lest you think that this just happened to be a neat coincidence, here's Draymond admitting that, well, it ain't. During what has to be down time for LeBron, he posted a photo of #Draymond Green wearing a shirt that said "Quickie" and then posted the comment "That's what she said, HUH?!?!?" Green shared a pick of the freshly shorn head of LeBron with the caption, "Them dubs finally made him go bald!" with "Dubs", being a popular moniker for the Warriors.