Senate Democrat says any WH tapes due by Friday


President Donald Trump is not under investigation for obstruction of justice despite his tweet Friday that appeared to confirm he is, a member of his legal team said, doubling down on the point with appearances on almost every major Sunday TV talk show.

One of President Donald Trump's personal lawyers said in television interviews yesterday that the president was not under investigation for obstruction of justice, but when pressed on the assertion, said he was not certain.

His morning missive apparently referred to Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general whose role leading the federal investigation has become increasingly complicated. "There's been no notification from the special counsel's office that the president is under investigation".

"With all due respect to Mr. Sekulow, what he says about what Mr. Mueller is or isn't doing will make no difference", said Gregory B. Craig, who led the legal team defending President Bill Clinton against impeachment charges.

He said Trump's tweet was based only on The Washington Post report. "That's impossible. The president cannot be investigated, or certainly cannot be found liable for engaging in an activity he clearly has power to do under the constitution". I mean, just think about this for a minute. The White House has used a memo he wrote to justify Trump's decision to fire FBI Director James Comey, but that Trump action may now be part of the probe.

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The tweets came shortly after Rosenstein issued his unusual statement that appeared to be warning about the accuracy of such reports. Nearly everybody else does. He said he had only been discussing the constitutional problem posed if the president were being investigated.

When Wallace called him on it, Sekulow said he was just laying out the legal theory in play, but he had not prefaced the statements that way. "And ultimately, whether he believes it or not, the work's going to move forward", Rubio told host Chuck Todd.

The Senate intelligence committee is in the early stages of its probe and is looking at whether anyone involved in the campaign shared information with the Russians, said Senator Angus King of ME, an independent who caucuses with Democrats. "The best thing that could happen for the president, and the country, is a full and credible investigation". King and Rubio are both members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, which is running an investigation that partially parallels the Justice Department probe being run by Mueller.

On CBS's Face the Nation on Sunday, Sekulow also said that he believed the president would finally explain whether or not there were recordings of his conversations with Comey, as Trump has also tweet-implied, sometime this week. This is a very complex matter, involving thousands of pages of intelligence documents, lots of witnesses. The Washington Post reported last week that Mueller's team is also examining whether the president attempted to obstruct justice.

They went a few more rounds before Tapper wondered, "is that not frustrating for you as an attorney to have a client that is sharing information with the world that's not accurate?"