Polls: Nominees Tied in Georgia's Special Election


Then she found her cause in 30-year-old Democrat Jon Ossoff, who is aiming for a major upset in Georgia's 6th Congressional District runoff Tuesday against Republican Karen Handel.

Republican Karen Handel, Democrat Jon Ossoff and their outside backers are trying any arguments that will coax any stray voters to the polls for Tuesday's special election.

The race is the most expensive House race in history, with both candidates spending around $50 million.

Handel has raised more than $5 million, less than a quarter of Ossoff's total, but national political action and campaign committees aligned with both parties have spent big as well: $7 million from a PAC backed by House Speaker Paul Ryan; about $4.5 million from Republicans' House campaign arm, and another $6 million from the Democrats' House campaign committee.

Health Secretary Tom Price, whose resignation to join Trump's Cabinet prompted this special election, urged voters to have a "crazy turnout" on Handel's behalf.

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Ossoff almost won the first Georgia election earlier this year with a plurality of the vote. "Karen Handel says she will, and we look forward to holding her accountable". He's also taken aim at Handel as a "career politician" and an executive for the Susan G. Komen Foundation when the organization threatened to cut off funding for Planned Parenthood, a health care and abortion provider.

The sixth congressional district of Georgia is a sprawl of mostly affluent, white and highly educated suburbs to the north of Atlanta.

"What's so incredible is that no one here has probably met Jon Ossoff, but they believe in his ability to work for this country, to reach across the aisle and to do what we can to fight for working families again in this country", Swalwell said in the video.

Because of the district's status as suburban, educated and diverse, the Georgia race could be a harbinger of Democrats' ability to compete for similar Republican-held seats in places like Orange County, California, the Philadelphia suburbs and NY state in 2018. She broadly endorsed Trump's loose outlines for tax cuts; he's said any plan must be "fiscally responsible". Ultimately, more than 192,000 people voted in the primary - close to the 210,000 who participated in the 2014 midterm election in the district.

In Cobb alone, 27,257 people cast their ballots early through mail-in ballots or advance in-person voting. "Most of them told me today they have never been to Georgia's 6th district, don't know anyone who lives there, but they feel a sense of responsibility to do their part to help Jon".