Cross-play games on Switch will not feature PlayStation


Smash hit footballing cars game Rocket League is headed to Nintendo Switch later this year. While it is Psyonix's dream to make cross-platform play a reality, it may be that Sony doesn't see an immediate benefit. It had many 1st party titles that fans can be happy about.

With all three variables combined, we simply can't imagine the experience Rocket League will have to offer with such technicalities.

According to Psyonix, the game will be arriving this fall but they are not ready to give us an actual date yet. Developer Psyonix is hoping to get the game running at 60 fps in both the Switch's docked and undocked mode, running at 720p. The latest iteration in the Need for Speed franchise looks like the Fast and Furious game that fans of the series have always wanted with an emphasis on heist-esque missions taking place at three figure speed limits that are just one of the adrenaline fuelled activities you can do in Payback.

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On PC, retailers like base their entire business around the idea that it shouldn't matter where you buy your games and that you should be able to play games with your friends without restrictions like DRM or retailer. The strong sales performance that the Switch now has is being acknowledged not just by Nintendo and retailers like GameStop but also by Nintendo's competitors Microsoft and Sony. We take the safety of Xbox Live, the players across all of our games. That's what the company would do with Switch or Xbox crossplay on Sony's system as well.

As said Nintendo focused on the new Switch console which can be used as a home console as well as a portable handheld console. He's in town and he was asking me the same question. However, Sony is still refusing to provide the same treatment to PlayStation 4 users other than with the PC, which is frustrating the game's developers.

Super Mario Odyssey also finally got a release date, October 27, and the Japanese giant let us know that even Rocket League is coming to Switch. The game has added a new arena mode where you can battle it out against Egypt's toughest foes and includes the ability to use an eagle as a reconnaissance plane to scout ahead. That's gaming now. Gaming should be community-driven.