Conspiracy theorist vows to release full Kelly interview


In a memo obtained by AdWeek, the station's management informed employees of the decision, citing "the pain (that) resurfaces for our community" whenever Sandy Hook makes national news.

Leaked audio or no, the residents of Newtown, Connecticut are uninterested in Megyn Kelly's interview of InfoWars host Alex Jones, a man who has, more than once, accused the residents of the small town of fabricating the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings that left 26 residents-including 20 children-dead.

Parents of children killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School have blasted Kelly for giving Jones a platform, despite the fact that he has questioned whether the 2012 mass shooting was real.

Bridgeport lawyer Josh Koskoff, who represents the families of several victims, said in a letter to the network, " Ms. Kelly's interview implicitly endorses the notion that Mr. Jones" lies are actually "claims' that are worthy of serious debate; and in doing so it exponentially enhances the suffering and distress of our clients". "We have considered the deep emotions from the wounds of that day that have yet to heal", the memo read.

Kelly has called Jones' claims "personally revolting", but she said she believes there's a value in exposing what he says to the American people.

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"We have decided not to air this week's episode of Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly", Tully writes. Jones has said he believes it will be a "fraud", and he said he would release an unedited version of the interview that he recorded.

Kelly first came under fire when NBC previewed a portion of the upcoming interview with Jones last Sunday night.

NBC did not immediately respond to a request for comment. She explained that she wanted to feature him on the program to "shine a light" on his views given his relationship to President Donald Trump, who has appeared on Jones' show in the past. When NBC refused to cancel airing the interview, Jones posted the entire interview on his website. As part of that reporting, we are talking to local parents and covering their commitment to change.

WVIT says it will include a report on the Kelly-Jones interview in its Sunday night 11 p.m. broadcast.