Another deadly explosion rocks Kabul, 19 feared dead, several injured


At least 20 people were killed and 119 others injured in three consecutive bombings at a funeral ceremony in Kabul on Saturday, officials said.

General Mohammad Ayub Ansari, police chief of western Herat province, said today's blast took place near the main Sunni mosque in Herat city.

The president made a strong plea for peace at an worldwide conference on Afghanistan attended by about two dozen countries, which was held under tight security as armored vehicles patrolled the streets and fighter jets roared over the capital.

In his speech, Mr. Ghani warned the Taliban that they would not succeed in bringing down the government, and said that the aim of the so-called Kabul Process was to ensure peace with support from neighbouring countries and the worldwide community. All this is to say that in this backdrop when anger was boiling against Afghan high-ups, a peace moot was planned in Kabul and the USA administration was about to announce its new Afghan policy, one can easily understand whose interests these attacks have served.

The incident happened at about 11:15 AM, according to local reports.The attack comes amid extremely tight security in the capital following last week's deadly explosions that claimed over 150 lives and coincides with the launch of the Kabul Process meeting this morning.

After almost 16 years, and some $1 trillion, now a billion dollars a week in USA aid and 2,350 dead Americans, it seems time for Trump, a real estate man by background, to stop putting into Afghanistan good money after bad.

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The group is also blamed for several deadly attacks against Indian interests in Afghanistan, including the 2008 bombing of the Indian mission in Kabul that killed 58 people.

The statement came hours after Afghan President Ashraf Ghani accused Pakistan of waging an "undeclared war of aggression" against his country. Taliban took responsibility for the rocket attack, but claimed to have hit North Atlantic Treaty Organisation headquarters in the capital. He said more than 300 other people were wounded in the bombing.

"We want to talk with the Taliban, but it is not an open-ended opportunity", Ghani said.

The Taliban made steady gains in the country since the worldwide military mission declared an end to its combat mission in 2014.

This is not the first attempt by the Afghan government to broker peace.