Aldridge: Boston Celtics agree to trade top pick to Philadelphia 76ers


Ainge had the opportunity in his finger tips to select Markelle Fultz to start the draft, a possible franchise-changing guard, and chose to pass. CORRECTION: The protection on the Lakers pick seems to work the other way-it conveys to the Celtics if it falls between picks two and five, and stays with Philadelphia if it's the first overall or lower than fifth. In addition, the Celtics will be at risk of receiving a low first round pick in 2018 or 2019 if the Lakers or Sixers do well in those years. They might not be ready to move on from Marcus Smart and Terry Rozier, both of whom are rotation players who would have taken away developmental opportunities from Fultz. Knowing how he operates, it should be no surprise if the picks he acquired along with No. 3 (2018 Lakers, which could become 2019 Kings first-rounder) are being dangled in a much bigger trade. "From all my conversations with them, I'm convinced they'll take Jackson No. 1". Even so, Boston did manage to catch a glimpse of former Duke Blue Devils forward Jayson Tatum, who also remains a possibility at No. 3, out in Los Angeles. Now that they have the No. 1 pick they will indeed draft the high-scoring guard, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

That's why making this move is such a huge risk on the part of Danny Ainge, the Celtics' president of basketball operations. In fact, there may be too many to predict what they will do moving forward, which is exactly what Ainge wants.

Jackson quickly deleted the tweet on Saturday night, but it may have been enough to start a rivalry between Fultz and Jackson.

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Redick, 32, has averaged 15 points or more in each of the last five seasons with the Los Angeles Clippers and has posted three-point shooting percentages over 42 percent for three straight years.

Many times, the Bulls have said Butler is with the Bulls and they're happy with that in a way, but they really haven't committed to him like you think you would with a top-15 player in the league.

Jimmy Butler of the Chicago Bulls and the Indiana Pacers' Paul George are the two likely targets for the Celtics if they decide to flip the pick.