Leaked renders show the iPhone X running iOS 11


More advanced augmented reality capabilities will be made possible through ARKit, Apple's new framework for developers who want to build AR apps for iPad and iPhone users.

The recent reveal of the iOS 11 sparked the excitement of users as new features are set to arrive in their gadgets soon, including minor ones such as a Do Not Disturb While Driving mode and major ones like a redesigned Control Center, the Inquisitr previously reported.

Fans have a few ideas of what the iPhone 8 interface may look like, but we don't know yet which route Apple is taking.

But hey, doesn't iOS 11 beta 1 for iPhone already support drag and drop?

It remains unclear as to whether Apple will ever enable this feature in iOS 11 for iPhone. The renders show the 10th anniversary iPhone with a almost bezel-less display.

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The debate is still on regarding this, with some believing Apple will disguise them completely and other pointing towards a small sensor bar being present on top. It means app developers will have to optimize their apps to ensure that the cutout does not affect navigation or user experience. The home button is said to be integrated into the display itself, and the only visible signs of a bezel are seen up-top where the iPhone's front camera, earpiece grill and other sensors are located. It points out that iPhone 8 will have a large circular charging pad inside of it (earlier leaked in schematics) to support wireless charging. Further, the fingerprint scanner is missing thus it could mean that the Touch ID will be embedded underneath the display.

The latest iPhone 8 renders have a vertically aligned dual camera system.

One of the most exciting features that the new iOS 11 will have is augmented reality. In the iPhone 8 renders, the background of these areas is the same as the rest of the screen.

All in all, the images show that the iPhone 8 will come with a sleek and premium design.

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