Bill Cosby feared being labelled 'dirty old man'


She said feelings of self-blame and confusion are exacerbated if intoxicants are involved.

"We have expectations that are misguided about how people respond to traumatic events, especially sexual assault".

The AP does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done. Defense lawyer Brian McMonagle, clearly wanting to move past Cosby's talk about giving drugs to women, asked no questions about it on cross-examination. In a scathing address to the judge, he argued that Dr. Valliere's words were tantamount to instructing the jury to reach a certain verdict in the Cosby case. "She was embarrassed to even tell me", she continued.

Presiding Judge Steven T. O'Neill predicted that jurors will start deliberating early next week. That request would ultimately be denied.

He testified a year ago that he had talked with Cosby's lawyer before making his decision and that it was meant to let Cosby speak freely at a potential civil deposition - the same deposition that prosecutors are now relying on at his trial.

"This is your argument and I understand your argument".

"Do you think there would be a financial outcome to you if the public believed that you gave Andrea a drug that took away her ability to consent and then had sexual contact with her?"

The prosecution rested its case on Friday after five days of testimony.

Cosby, who was in court today as he has been each day of the trial and most of the pre-trial hearings, has always insisted the encounter with Constand was consensual.

Defense lawyers have been barred from discussing Constand's on-again, off-again relationship with a woman around the time she accused Cosby of sexually assaulting her at his home in Cheltenham.

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In the document, Cosby said he feared he was being recorded and didn't want to mail the name of the drug on a piece of paper or send the pills in the mail to Canada, where Andrea lived.

The comedian gave the deposition as part of a lawsuit filed by Constand and later settled for an undisclosed sum.

While that option hangs over Cosby's head, prosecutors made a decision to use his words Friday in the form of the comedian's 2005 deposition.

He claims the sexual encounter with Andrea Constand was consensual. She said it's not only common for a victim to reach out to her abuser, but she may attempt to find out what happened and why.

Bill Cosby's lawyers also reportedly tried to introduce evidence related to Andrea Constand's sexuality during the ongoing criminal trial.

Cosby might testify at his sexual assault trial. She also told police that she had a boyfriend in her teens and sexual contact with a male in her late 20s.

Constand, then an administrator with Temple University's women's basketball team, was 30 at the time of the alleged crime in 2004.

The spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, said some members of Cosby's family will join him in court as the trial continues. Sometimes, this is a factor in the shame felt by victims. "I learned more about it from the defendant than I did from her". Would jurors reconsider why Constand may have repeatedly called Cosby after the assault?

Constand, 44, testified this week that Cosby penetrated her with his fingers against her will after giving her pills that left her paralyzed, unable to tell him to stop. During his civil deposition, Cosby admitted to stockpiling Quaaludes with the sole objective of giving them to "young women he meant to have sexual contact with", reports Daily Mail. Will they see Cosby as a predator who used pills to have his way with a woman who wouldn't have consented to his advances?